Born in Brindisi, from the age of three Gabriella lived in Bologna. In 1987 she began her career at the Bibiena theatre in Emilia Romagna and at the same time she studied at the Antoniano accademy of drammatic art.
She worked in dubbing, advertising and on the radio. Gabriella made her film debut in 1991 in "Pensavo fosse amore e invece era un calesse" playing the role of the mistress of Massimo Troisi, starring and directed by Massimo Troisi.
Following that she worked in "Il ragazzo dal kimono d'oro" in English an italo-american production;  with the director Pupi Avati in "I cavalieri che fecero l'impresa"; in "Under the Toscan sun" directed by Hudrey Welser; in 2003 she had a part in "The passion" directed by Mel Gibson; directed By Mohammed Aslì she work in a French movie called "Gli angeli non volano sù Casablanca" and after that she participated in "Marie Antoniette" directed by Sofia Coppola.
Recently we have seen her in "La sconosciuta" directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and in "Last minute to Marocco" directed by F.Falaschi.
While working in the movies she played lots of parts in italian Tv Movies, interpreting a large variety of caracters, working for example in English in "Pope Jhon Paul II " directed by Jhon Kent Harrison, in "The Inquiry" e "Pompei" directed by Giulio Base, in "Nero" directed by Paul Marcus and in "Julius Caesar" directed by  Uli Edel.
Recently she has played many other roles and is actively working as a voice actor in various television programs.